Huntington Stand Up Paddle offers a large selection of Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks.  We cater to groups of all sizes, ages and abilities.  With all rentals, we include a "mini-lesson," covering basic equipment use, winds, tides, currents, navigation, etc.  In order to rent, you must demonstrate the ability to get on your equipment, paddle away from/back to the dock and a basic understanding of paddling/navigating your equipment.  All rentals include a paddlecraft, paddle, PFD and whistle.  Additionally, we offer an optional cell phone dry bag for one person in each group.  Rental prices include tax. 

We recommend reservations for rentals- please call or text 631-897-2332.

Adult SUP or Single Kayak

Price is for the first 60 minutes.


Tandem Kayak

Price is for the first 60 minutes.


Kids SUP or Kayak

Price is for the first 60 minutes. Based upon individuals size, not age.


Additional Hours

Price for additional time, beyond the first 90 minutes.


Fishing Rod

Let us get you all set up to get out there and catch dinner!


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your playlist while expoloring the harbor.


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